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    Welcome to Conferences and Meetings Inc

    Your partner in conference planning.

    Conferences and Meetings Inc was established in 2012 and is an affiliate to Conference Call based in South Africa established since 2002. The “birth” of Conferences and Meetings Inc is a direct result of the tremendous success achieved by Conference Call in the past ten years and who are leaders in the co-ordination & management of conferences/meetings in Southern Africa, developing countries and abroad.

    Conferences and Meetings Inc meets the demand for many international and government organisations and associations based in the United States that do developmental and association conferences and meetings in Southern and East Africa and who would prefer to contract a company based in the USA while at the same time have the benefit of a fully operational country office in Africa.

    Conferences and Meetings Inc focuses on US federal government departments, international donor organisations and American Associations that conduct meetings/conferences in the United States. Find out more about our services.

    Of the thousands of event planners based in the United States, we pride ourselves as being included in the 1% who make up the PROFESSIONAL conference and meeting planner category and are, to our knowledge, the only company with a fully operational affiliate office in South Africa.

    Lisa Trenor, the Executive Director of Conferences and Meetings Inc also directs the overall operations of Conference Call, our affiliate company represented in Southern Africa.

    Conferences and Meetings Inc.


    Summary of Services

    services of Conferences and Meetings Inc

    We  have over 20 years experience in conference and event management and have a professional and dedicated team of staff.

    Our services include financial and project management, conceptualization and marketing, venue coordination, technical services, travel tours and logistics, as well on on-site management. Click here to find out more about our services.